One test drive and you’ll see the 5090E Utility Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling during even the longest days; the engine power and hydraulic capacity to take on hard-to-handle chores; and the quality of engineering, assembly, and components you expect from John Deere.

john deere tractor 5090E

Features and Specs

  • 89 HP Engine, 4 cylinder, Turbocharged
  • Synchronized, 9F/3R tranmission
  • CAB Base Machine



Full Specifications

Manufacturer John Deere
Model 5090E
Key Specifications 
Engine John Deere 4 Cyclinder Engine, 2100RPM  John Deere 4 Cyclinder Engine, 2100RPM  
Horsepower  89 hp (66.4kW)  
Transmission  9F, 3R Synchronized  
Engine Power @ 2400 rpm (Tier 0)  89 hp (66.4 kW)  
Engine Power @ 2400 rpm (Tier 2)  92 hp (69.0 kW)  
Engine Rated RPM    
Maximum Torque (Tier 0)  318 Nm  
Maximum Torque (Tier 2)  355 Nm  
Aspiration  Turbo  
Displacement  4.5 L (278 cu .in3)  
Compression ratio (Tier 0)  17.0:1  
Compression ratio (Tier 2)  17.6:1  
Injection Pump  Rotary-Type  
Standard  9/3 Synchronized  
Optional  12/12 PowrReverser™  
Reverser  Electro-Hydraulic  
Type  Dry  
Optional  Wet with PowrReverser™  
Material  Cerametallic  
Diameter  279 mm (11 in)  
Power Take Off 
Maximum PTO Power (Tier 0)  77 hp (57.4 kW)  
Maximum PTO Power (Tier 2)  75 hp (56 kW)  
Type (standard)  Fully Independent  
PTO (standard)  540 rpm  
Optional  540E Economy with PowrReverserTM  
PTO Actuation  Mechanical  
Optional  Electrohydraulic with PowrReverserTM  
Hydraulic System 
Type  Open Center  
Pump  Tandem Gear  
Flow Rate (Implement)  60.2 L/min  
Hitch Lift Capacity at 610 mm (24 in.) Behind Hitch Balls  1530 kg (3374 lb)  
Hitch Category  I & II  
Remote Control Valves  1 (opt. 2)  
Type  Hydrostatic  
Flow Rate (steering)  24.9 L/min  
Rear Axle 
Differential Controls  Mechanical (Pedal)  
Break Type  Hydraulically Operated Wet Disk  
Electrical System 
Alternator  70A / 90 A (Cab)  
Starting Motor  12 V (2.5 kW)  
Fuel Tank  95 L / 126 L (Cab)  
Front  11.2x224  
Front (Optional)  13.6x24  
Rear  16.9x30  
Rear (Optional)  18.4x30  
Cooling System  10.8 L  
Crankcase (including filter)  8.5 L  
Dry Clutch (Synchronized Transmmission)  38 L (2WD) / 41.8 L (MFWD)  
Wet Clutch (12/12 PowrReverser™)  43.5 L  
Machine Dimensions 
Standard Wheelbase  2180 mm  
Overall Length (including draft links)  3570 mm  
Overall width (oustide edge of tires)  2100 mm  
Height to the top of ROPS  2540 mm  
Height to the top of Steering Wheel  1964.81 mm  
Front Axle Crop Clearance  509 mm (2WD) / 420 mm (MFWD)  
Heigh to the top of the drawbar  513 mm  
Approx. Shipping Weight (2WD)  2500 kg  
Approx. Shipping Weight (MFWD)  2687 kg  
Front tires standard  10.0-16 (2WD) / 11.2-24 (MFWD)  
Front tires optional (MFWD)  12.4-24 / 13.6 -24 / 320/85R24  
Rear tires standard  16.9-30  
Rear tires optional  15.5-38/ 18.4-30 / 18.4 - 30 R2 / 420/85R30 / 460/85R30  


Improvement in the product is a continuous process. Hence the information given here is subject to change without prior notice. Accessories shown are not part of standard equipment. Please contact your nearest dealer for more detailed information. Some of the above features are available in Premium model only. For more details, please refer online brochure or contact your nearest dealer.