The new 'Evolution Series' could only come from a top brand. This product is a further illustration of the decades-long on-going development in R&D&I here. Equipped with a DRP System for faster, safer coupling and uncoupling. The defining feature of this series is its structure of long-lasting robust arms.

Its adaptability to all tractor types, flexibility and robustness comprise a high-performance loader.

tenias front loader 2
tenias front loader cebu philippines





DPR System

The ease with which the loader is coupled comes from the DRP System®, a new coupling system that is both safer and quicker.






DR2B System / DR4B System

This enables the hydraulic and electric connectors to be instantly connected or disconnected by just raising or lowering the lever, with no oil-loss.





Regulates the pressure in the ram pistons where there is any mechanical contact, preventing possible breakages.




DRC System


desenganche cazo


It only takes a few seconds to couple or uncouple any implements.





All the joints in the loader have self-greasing sleeves and treated galvanized bolts to achieve a good fit in each of them.



sistema paralelogramo


The internal parallelogram system improves the side view from the tractor cab and implement self-levelling.









AH System ©

This system provides added convenience by removing all the water hammer produced when driving.



ms system

MS System ©

Operated using a crossgate, with the possibility of two simultaneous movements.



tercera funcion

Third function for the operation of hydraulic implements.




Optionally, the loader can be personalized by painting it with the colour of the tractor.






tenias front loader models

Loader configuration


NOTE: The measurements given may vary depending on tractor model / type.

Measurements have been taken for a working pressure of 190 BAR and a weight on the pallet fork.

 I   Tear-out force
J   Payload
K  At maximum height

loader model and dim