John Deere 3036E tractor is specifically designed and developed for the Asian market. This tractor is a product of a 5-year study, research and thousands of hours testing in different locations of Thailand, trying to understand the local customer needs for agricultural machinery.

john deere tractor 3036E

Features and Specs

  • Versatility on deep paddy, wet land or dry land
  • Energonomically designed
  • Fuel efficient



Full Specifications

Manufacturer John Deere
Model 3036E Farm Tractor
Key Specifications  
Engine Type  4 Cycle, Inline, Water cooled, Diesel Engine  
Gross rated Engine power @ rated rpm, HP  36  
PTO Speed  2 Speed PTO(540 RPM@ 2500 ERPM & 540E RPM @1925 ERPM)  
Hyd Lift Capacity, Kg @ balls  910  
Engine Type  4 Cycle, Inline, Water cooled, Naturally Aspirated , Diesel Engine  
Aspiration  Natural  
No. of Cylinders  3  
Appx. Displacement  1.642Litre  
Rated Engine RPM  280.  
Gross rated Engine power @ rated rpm, HP  36  
PTO HP @ Rated RPM  28.5(21kW +/- 5%)  
Fuel Injection Pump  Inline  
Engine shut off  Electrical shut off  
Engine Auxiliary  
Air cleaner, type  Dry with safety element  
Air cleaner size  5"  
Antifreeze  50:50  
Muffler with vertical exhaust  Underhood  
Hand and Foot Throttle  Mechanical  
Fan finger guard  Yes  
NSS  Yes  
Fuel Tank Capacity (Filled), Litres, Standard  39L  
Type  Single Dry Traction Clutch  
Gear Box Type  Sync reverser for Forward and Reverse & Constant mesh in speed & range  
Gear shift pattern  H - Type  
No. of Forward Speeds  8  
No. of Reverse Speeds  8  
Rear Tyre  12.4 x 24  
Speed Forward  1.9 to 22.7  
Speed Reverse  1.9 to 23.7  
Forward Reverse Synchro  LH reversere mounted below steering wheel  
Rear Axle  
Type  Oiled  
Final Drive Type  Bull Gear Reduction  
Differential Controls  Mechanical  
Sealings  Metal face sealing  
Type  Wet Disc Brakes  
Actuation  Mechanically actuated  
PTO Speed  2 Speed PTO(540 RPM@ 2500 ERPM & 540E RPM @1925 ERPM)  
Type  Open Center  
Pump Output, L / Min @ Rated  18.1  
Steering L/Min  13.6  
Hyd Lift Capacity, Kg @ balls  910  
Selective Control Valve  Single SCV(Std)  
Category  CAT - I  
Hitch and Drawbar  
3 point hitch  Fixed Drawbar  
Operator Station  
Clutch pedal  Mechanical Linkage on LH Side  
Brake Pedal  LH & RH Brake pedal with Mechanical Linkage on RH Side  
Differential lock pedal  Mechanical engagement at RH floor  
Steering  Fixed Column, Hydraulic Steering  
ROPS  Foldable with retractable Seat belt as standard  
Foldable with retractable Seat belt as standard  
Total Weight  1263Kg  
Wheel Base  1574mm  
Overall length (without front weight)  2919mm  
Overall width  1455mm  
Overall Height (with exhaust pipe)  2105mm  
Ground clearance  388mm  
Turning radius with brake / without brake  2600mm / 2800mm  
Track width front  1111mm  
Track width rear  1130mm  
Front axle, Wheel & Tyres  
Front axle  MFWD  
Front Tyre  8.0 - 16, 4PR/BKT  
Rear  12.4 - 24, 4PR/BKT, HLD(High Lug Depth)  
7 Pin connector  Yes  
Alternator  12V, 43Amp  
Starter  12V, 1.2kW  
Head lamp  High & Low Beam(60/55W)  
Rear work lamp  12V, 55W  
Park lamp & tail lamp  Yes  
Safety switch  NSS at PTO, Gear  
Instrument Cluster  Analogue  
Horn  Yes  
Operator Manual  
Languages  Thai/English  
Weights (Optional)  
Front Bumper  Front bumper - 13.5kg  
Front weights  32Kg each(up to 10 weights can be installed on front bumper)  
Rear weights  Starter weight - 20Kg, Cast Iron - 22Kg each  
Canopy  Field Kit Option  


Specifications are based on published information at the time of publication. Specifications are subject to change without notice.